Signs That It’s Time for a Roof Upgrade

roof upgrade

Acting as the silent heroes of our home, our roofs do their job so well that we often take them for granted. When it comes to the condition of our roofs, it is difficult to know when a roof upgrade is needed. Fortunately, Glick’s Exteriors has all the information you need after the stormy winter season to make sure your house, and everyone in it, is well protected.

Loose Shingles Should Not Be Ignored

Even though roofs are designed to be durable, they get weathered down over time. The harsher the storm, the greater the risk that your roof will be damaged. After a storm, check your property for any loose or fallen shingles. Shingles act as an “armor” for your roof and are the primary means of protection. Any time you you see many loose shingles on your property, it is time to consider an upgrade.

Wind Damage Leads To Water Damage

During a severe storm, a cracked roof allows wind to howl through and infiltrate the top level of your home. Left untreated over time, this will affect the wooden support beams. Cracks arise due to damage from falling debris or shingles curling and peeling off.

Mark Your Calendar

Understanding the typical lifespan for a roof will help you maintain it. There are dozens of roof styles made up of a variety of different materials, all available from Glick’s Exteriors.  In Pennsylvania, we get four harsh seasons worth of weather, from high winds that accompany thunderstorms, snowstorms, and even hurricanes to the problems light precipitation itself causes. Because of this climate, roofs in Pennsylvania are more susceptible to weather damage.

Even under the best circumstances, roofs have a hardy lifetime of about 15 to 18 years. So when you realize that time is creeping up, a roof upgrade should be at the top of your to-do list – because you never know what unseen damage is festering under the surface.

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