Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips to Get Your Roof and Siding Ready for the Warmer Weather

Spring isn’t just the perfect time to organize, it’s also the perfect time to freshen up your roofing and siding! Between the snow, ice and winds of winter, odds are your roof and siding need a little sprucing up. Here are four tips from the roofing and siding experts at Glick’s Exteriors on how to whip your home into shape and get it ready for the warmer weather.

Degunk Your Gutters

Between the dirt, leaves and pine needles that get blown by the winds of winter, your gutters are going to need some TLC before the warm weather fully arrives. Whether your gutters were cleaned in the fall or not, chances are they’re clogged with some gunk. Now is the ideal time to clean them out—before the April showers arrive! Once you’ve cleaned your gutters, use a hose to run water through them. This will help you determine if there are any leaks or blockages in the downspout.

Attic Observations

During winter, ice dams—ice buildup in gutters—can happen, but if you’re not sure if it happened to your roof, then now is the time for an outing up into your attic. While you’re up there, examine the underside of the roof wood; if you feel sponginess, see cracked plywood or streaks running down a wall, then your roof may have suffered from ice dams. To help your roof—and the damage it caused in your attic—spring back to life, it’s best to contact Glicks Exteriors.

Give Your Roof Some R&R

No, this doesn’t mean let your roof rest and relax, it means you should repair and replace! If your roof shingles are cracked, loose or missing, or the flashing has worn away, this is the season to take care of these issues. Not only will repairing and replacing these items improve the functionality of your roof, but it will also make it more beautiful to look at. With summer BBQs and pool parties around the corner, this is an added bonus! Another type of R&R you can do for your roof is to get it inspected for any areas covered in algae. Just be sure to have a professional roofer conduct the inspection. If your roof has been affected by algae, then you have two options:

  1. Have it cleaned by a professional
  2. Replace the shingles with ones from CertainTeed or GAF. They’re equipped with an algae-resistance warranty.

Make Your Siding Look Spick and Span

Whatever type of siding you have—vinyl, brick, fiber cement, stucco, etc.—it’s essentially the face of your home and can affect the way the rest of your house looks. For a home as fresh as a summer daisy, make it a priority to give your siding a good cleaning. For wood or shingles, power washing is the best way to freshen them up. If you have fiber cement siding, simply use a garden hose to clean them off and make them shine. If your siding is beyond just a little cleaning, then it may be time to replace and upgrade your siding.

Need a little help with spring cleaning your roof and siding? Give the roofing and siding experts at Glick’s Exteriors a call! Between repairing shingles, replacing roofs, installing siding and offering the best warranties, your home will be ready for the warm weather—and for the rest of the seasons to come! Contact us today!

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