Stubborn Stucco Problems

3 Of The Most Common Stucco IssuesAre you trying to sell a stucco home? Many buyers are wary of stucco homes now that the issues with stucco material and installation have come to light. Although stucco is noted for its energy conserving properties, poor installation leads many home owners to dealing with stucco issues that can cause serious damage. Glick’s Exteriors wants you as a seller to receive top dollar for your house, and wants homeowners to love their homes.

With poor installation, stucco issues arise and cause problems in your home, diminishing its resale value. Glick’s Exteriors offers stucco remediation services, and will convert your stucco into top quality siding.

3 Stucco Issues

Most stucco issues result from water damage caused by rainfall.
stucco cracking


Cracks in your stucco walls cause water to seep in, which is a serious problem. It is tricky to tell if your home has been affected by these deep stucco cracks, but cracks are always an indicator that you need to call a contractor. Replacing stucco with an alternative material such as siding can avoid this worry altogether.


With poorly installed stucco, rainfall can ruin the appearance of your home, leaving unpleasant stains. Stucco is best maintained by protecting it from water. Even with the right gutter and window positioning, windblown rain will pound stucco from all directions. The exterior of your home must be able to withstand moisture from any angle.


Any exterior material that allows water to enter your home will of course lead to mold, and stucco is the worst offender. Mold build-up will not only destroy your home, but more importantly, your health. Preventing mold growth is one of the most important responsibilities for a homeowner, and improperly installed stucco makes this difficult.

Glick’s Exteriors stucco remediation services will repair and replace your damaged stucco, resolving your stucco issues and preventing new ones from forming. Call Glick’s Exteriors today to resolve your stucco issues with the region’s most trusted exterior company – 610-810-1290.

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