Sam Glick

Sam is one of the founders of Glick’s Exteriors, and serves as the Glick’s team visionary. Raised with a deep appreciation for quality craftsmanship and integrity in his work, Sam pairs an exacting focus on the details with infectious energy for clients and their homes. Sam’s day-to-day responsibilities at Glick’s are focused on quality and experience, but his favorite part of his work is meeting with the clients after the project and seeing their vision come to life. Sam and his wife, Susann, enjoy reading and walking in their spare time, and have 4 children together.


Chris Glick

One half of the Glick brothers who own and operate Glick’s Exteriors, Chris is an unparalleled craftsman with a passion for detailed, principled work. Chris has worked in the exteriors industry for many years. He brings outsized energy and creative problem-solving for our clients and the Glick’s team, and is constantly working to improve not only his own already prodigious skill set, but the entire Glick’s Experience. Chris was born and raised in Lancaster and currently lives in Gap, PA with his wife and children. In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time in nature or at the beach.

Mitch Stoltzfus

Mitch began his career with Glick’s in 2018, gaining unparalleled experience in roofing and siding. Currently working as our General Manager at Glick’s, Mitch is beloved in the office and among our clients for his steady, clear-eyed analysis and frank, easygoing style. Outside of the office, Mitch enjoys playing softball, going to concerts, and spending time with family. Mitch and his beautiful wife enjoy going on vacation and recently had their first child.

Dawn Ressler

Office Manager

Dawn is the Office Manager at Glick’s and is the undisputed Queen Mother of the shop. She has spent the majority of her career in the customer service industry, accounting, and construction, and uses those skills to keep the Glick’s team on track with her sharp organizational mind. While bookkeeping is her primary function by day, Dawn also enjoys spending time with her dogs and taking hikes all over southeastern Pennsylvania. (If you want to get on her good side, her favorite color is purple – truly befitting a queen!)

Grant Boehler

Exteriors Consultant

Grant has a Bachelor’s degree in business management, and four years of experience in the field. When Grant meets with clients, they invariably rave about his attention to detail, courtesy, and relentless focus on client care. Grant enjoys playing golf, gardening, and watching sports. He’s passionate about his work, and we love the attention to detail that he brings to every project.

Ryan Zimmerman

Exteriors Consultant

Ryan has worked in the construction industry for 17 years, gaining a wide range of experience in every kind of exterior remodeling you can imagine. As Glick’s most seasoned exterior expert and consultant, he is passionate about client care and has a remarkable eye for design. A true guru in the field, Ryan’s dry humor and spectacular ability to spot details has made him a favorite among our clients. Outside of the office, Ryan and his beautiful wife Stephanie enjoy spending time outdoors with their two kids. If you really want to get him going, ask him about Philly sports or the Georgia Bulldogs!

Amanda Beaston

Customer Care Specialist

Serving as our customer care specialist at Glick’s, Amanda is the front line and first contact of the Glick’s Experience. Amanda is a hilarious, energetic presence in the office, and our clients love her tenacity in making sure their Glick’s Experience hits all the right notes.