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As homeowners, we are oftentimes more concerned about the inside of our homes than the outside. However, in order to have a safe and functional interior, we must look upwards to the thing that holds everything together: the roof.

If your roof is 15 years or older, small issues may start to appear that need to be addressed immediately before they become bigger problems.

Leaks, poor drainage, clogged gutters and downspouts, and more can cause significant water damage to your home if not taken care of.

Fortunately, the residential roofers at Glick’s Exteriors can conduct thorough roof inspections to help you determine the best plan of action!

Why Choose the Residential Roofers at Glick’s Exteriors?

Glick’s Exteriors has been providing Montgomery County, PA with expert roofing solutions for a number of years. We have become a trusted name in the community because of our quality, strong Amish principles, affordable prices, and more. Our service locations include:

Our Roofing Process

After we complete our roof inspections, we will provide you with a course of action. Your solution can require either a roof replacement or roof repair, depending on the issue at hand. At Glick’s Exteriors, we always provide free roof estimates and affordable services because we believe that having a quality roof over your head shouldn’t break the bank. Let’s take a closer look at our replacement and repair services to help you get a better understanding of what your service will be like. 

Roof Replacements in Montgomery County, PA

When it comes to a complete replacement of your roof, you can trust that you are in good hands with the residential roofers at Glick’s Exteriors. Our team has many years of experience and will work until you are satisfied. To ensure your roof lasts for years to come, we use shingles from CertainTeed™ and GAF™, two trusted names in the roofing materials industry. Once your replacement is complete, you can live more comfortably knowing that the roof above your head is highly durable and will protect you from the elements outside.

Roof Repairs

Oftentimes, all that is needed for some Montgomery County homeowners’ roofs is a simple repair. Since roofs are exposed to the elements at all times, they can experience some wear and tear. If your roof has a leak or a missing shingle, then allow the roofers at Glick’s Exteriors to help. Our repair services are completed using the same materials as our replacements, which ensures lasting quality. Before you know it, your roof will be back to its original state!

Schedule Your Roofing Service Today!

From repairs and replacements to commercial roofing services, Glick’s Exteriors has you covered. Residents of Montgomery County, choose our team for unmatched customer service and continuously beautiful results. If you’re located in Montgomery County and your roof is in need of repair or replacement, contact us today for free roof estimates and quality services you can trust! We look forward to working with you and your roof!


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