Absolutely! We recommended scheduling an inspection every year to see if there are any shingles that could blow off; we also recommend having your roof cleaned with a softwash whenever it starts to blacken.
There are a few signs to look for to help determine if you need a new roof. These include:
  • Missing shingles
  • Curling shingles
  • Blistering shingles
  • Loss of shingle granular
  • Black spots on your roof
  • Exposed fiberglass on your roof
Any of these signs may mean that your roof is getting to the end of its life cycle.
When your home’s doors and windows need to be replaced, there are a few factors that you can feel and see to know it’s time. These include:
  • Being able to feel a breeze through your windows on a windy day
  • Sections of glass on your doors or windows that fog up
  • Windows that are hard to open
Here at Glick’s, we provide quality stucco remediation in 6 to 8 weeks.
The average lifespan of vinyl siding is between 30 and 35 years. When siding needs to be replaced, it becomes brittle and easy to break.
The average lifespan of a roof is between 20 and 25 years. However, thanks to the advanced technology that is available today, Glick’s is able to install 50-year shingles.
At Glick’s, we complete almost all of our roofing jobs in only 2 days; vinyl siding requires 7 to 10 days for the job to be completed.
This answer truly depends on the angle of the roof and how many cuts it has.
Yes! Curling or missing shingles means that your roof is getting to the end of its lifecycle and replaced it immediately. If this issue is not addressed as soon as possible, all it takes is one storm or day of heavy winds to cause expensive damage.
Definitely. When a roof has blisters, it means that your roof is getting older and needs to be replaced immediately.
There are a lot of different types of siding—and we love that at Glick’s! But we understand that the options can be overwhelming. To help narrow down your options, ask yourself what type of look you are going for. You also want to make sure that you’re choosing siding that is high-quality, thick and offers interlocking and double nailing area features. Unfortunately, all siding manufacturers offer a builders grade siding option, which fades and easily warms. It is crucial that you look for the previously mentioned features when choosing siding.
We’re glad you asked! Roof maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping your roof looking beautiful and getting as many years out of it as possible. By having a consistent roof maintenance plan, you can be proactive with any problems and prevent them from damaging the inside of your home.
When we come to do a roofing or siding project, we will need all the vehicles moved from the driveway, as well as access to the entire exterior and interior of the house. You can expect the Glick’s team to arrive at your home between 7am and 8am (depending on traffic). We will then inspect the inside and outside your home for anything fragile on the walls—we pride ourselves in making sure we leave your home more beautiful than when we arrived! If you are having windows installed, we will also need to have easy access to the windows and all blinds must be removed.
Roof leaks can be the result of many different factors, the most common of which are:
  • Exposed nails
  • Missing shingles
  • Missing flashing
  • Deteriorating flashing
  • Frail shingles
  • Shingle seams that are too close together
  • Ice dams
  • Standing water
  • Having no edge flashing
Glick’s Exteriors is built on strong Amish principles, and we implement this superior craftsmanship into every project we do. In addition to this, we also utilize quality materials, affordable pricing and exceptional service. See the Glick’s Exteriors difference for yourself in your next roofing, siding or window project!
We offer CertainTeed vinyl siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding.
We pride ourselves in using only the best, certified materials from trustworthy manufacturers, so when you choose Glick’s, you will enjoy all of their full, standard manufacturers warranties. In addition to these warranties, we also offer a full, 10-year labor and materials warranty.
We install Marvin, Anderson and Vytex windows.
We are proud to offer financing options for roofing, windows and deck projects with approved credit. Please call us to learn more.