3 Reasons Why Windows Are One Of The Most Transformative Home Improvement Projects

3 Reasons Why Windows Are One Of The Most Transformative Home Improvement Projects

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Now that the weather is nicer, what better time to turn your attention to home improvement projects and renovations than now? While most homeowners will agree that home improvement projects are typically expensive, they are essential for boosting the value of your home, making it a very worthwhile investment for one of your most important assets. However, did you know home improvement projects that leave a lasting impression do not always need to be large projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels? Small renovations that can make a big difference include window replacements, which are most commonly overlooked but are in fact one of the most transformative home improvement projects you can have done to your residency. Take a look at the following reasons why your windows should be top on your home improvement projects list: 


New Windows Accentuate Your Home’s Exterior 

When driving past a row of houses, which features of a property tend to draw your attention the most? Windows are a prominent property feature that have the ability to completely change the exterior aesthetic of any building, allowing older homes to look years younger with ease. From skylights aligned evenly on the top of your home to bay windows adding striking exterior dimensions, window replacements allow homeowners the opportunity to express architectural creativity all the while complimenting other features of their home. For window remodel ideas, view our gallery of our high-end window work for endless style opportunities. 


New Windows Help you Save on Energy Costs

Have you ever looked at your monthly energy bill and noticed a dramatic spike? It may come as no surprise that windows play a big role in our energy costs. Studies have shown that 25 to 30 percent of heating and cooling energy usage is due to heat gain and loss from windows alone, making it important to consider the type of windows you choose for your home to avoid wasting energy as well as your hard-earned money. Over time, window structures can become flawed, allowing air to escape out of your home and enter your home from outside. Investing in new windows will not only save you money on energy costs but will also make your property more environmentally friendly. 


New Windows Increase Your Home’s Value

Did you know replacing your windows can return up to 78% of their original cost at resale? Fresh windows are the definition of small renovations that can make a big difference, one that is usually forgotten about when contemplating home improvement projects but the numbers and results truly speak for itself. In fact, new windows have proven to be a bigger ROI in comparison to some kitchen remodeling jobs and increase even more depending on the energy efficiency of the ones you select. If you are spending good money on boosting curb appeal for your home, you want to be strategic about which aspects of your property that will pay off in the long run and high-quality windows are always a smart decision. 

From the size to style, windows can vary in price and should be properly budgeted. Speaking with your local window contractor can help take the stress out of finding the optimal window choice for your home as well as provide insightful window remodel ideas that will complement your home perfectly. Contact the window professionals at Glick’s Exteriors today to get started on your next home improvement project.

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