The exterior of your home, including your roof, serves as your home’s first line of defense against Mother Nature’s wrath. Your roof keeps your home warm and dry, preventing rain, hail, snow, and sleet from creeping in and causing problems.

It safeguards your home’s contents, warding off water damage that can wreak havoc on everything from the structural elements to cherished mementos. Unfortunately, your roof may wear out after a while or sustain major damage that requires replacement. When this happens, our roofing services in Bear, DE, are here to help.

At Glick’s Exteriors, we offer multiple roofing services to help you navigate your roofing needs. So, if your roof is in dire need of attention, contact us to learn more about our services!

Our Bear, DE, Roofing Services

At Glick’s Exteriors, we offer a couple of roofing services designed to accommodate your unique needs. So, when a branch falls on your roof or time takes its toll, our experienced roofers are here to help. Our roofing services include:

Roof Replacements

Like any component of the house, the roof atop your home will wear out after a while. Sometimes, a severe storm causes major damage that requires immediate replacement, while other times, it simply wears out after decades of protection. Either way, our experienced roofers in Bear, DE, are here to help.

We regularly handle roof replacements, navigating unique challenges and situations to ensure a high-quality and fully functioning result.

Roof Estimates

Budgeting for a roof replacement can be daunting, especially if you have no idea what to expect from the costs. So, before we begin any project, we’ll visit your home and provide a customized estimate. Our roofing estimates will include everything, from the materials we’ll need to complete your project to the time it’ll take for us to complete it.

This estimate, customized to your project, will give you a better idea of what to expect cost-wise. If you have any questions or concerns about the estimate, don’t hesitate to ask.


What to Expect From the Roofing Process

When you decide to work with Glick’s Exteriors on your roof replacement, you can expect a streamlined and straightforward process. It looks something like this:

  1. Consultation: The first step involves a consultation and an estimate. We’ll visit your home and take a look at your roof, developing an estimate based on our findings.
  2. Approval: Review the estimate, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. If everything looks good and you approve the estimate, we’ll get started on your project.
  3. Material selection: Once you approve the estimate, we’ll start by selecting the materials for the project, considering your budget, aesthetic preferences, and similar factors.
  4. Replacement: This phase is arguably the most exciting part of the project. In this step, we’ll revitalize your home with a roof replacement. The time it takes to complete this step can vary, as every home is different, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the know.
  5. Inspection: After wrapping up your project, we’ll complete a final inspection. During this inspection, we’ll ensure everything looks good, verify that we’ve cleaned up our work area, and ensure that your roof functions as it should.

Scott from Glick's Exterior

Why Select Glick’s Exteriors for Your Roof Replacement

Since your roof is integral to protecting your home and safeguarding its contents, it’s crucial to choose a qualified roofer to complete your roof replacement. At Glick’s Exteriors, we’re proud to be a fully licensed and trusted option for homeowners and business owners in Bear, DE, and surrounding areas.

We understand how much damage can occur when a roof isn’t functioning properly. We’ve seen everything from severe water damage to mold and mildew infestations in homes with damaged or old roofs. So, when your roof is in dire need of replacement, we’re here to provide high-quality services.

We take pride in offering reliable, high-quality services to residents of the Bear, DE, area. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in all sorts of roofing projects, from simple repairs to complete overhauls. We work quickly, safely, and efficiently to restore your roof to its former glory and help it protect the contents below once again.

Our Exterior Services

We offer various exterior services to accommodate your needs as a homeowner, from roof replacement services to stucco remediation services. Our service menu includes:

Take the First Step With an Estimate for Your Roofing Project

Whether your roof sustained damage after a recent storm or is simply reaching the end of its lifespan, our experienced roofers at Glick’s Exteriors are here to help. We’ll guide you through each step of the process, keeping you informed as we evaluate the damage and complete the project.

We do our best to make the project as streamlined and stress-free as possible for you, ensuring you don’t have to sweat the details. If your roof needs help from an experienced hand, contact us today to get started with an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Roof Replacement Take?

The time it will take to complete your roof replacement varies based on factors specific to the project, such as the size of your home and the complexity of the roof. Larger and more complex projects generally take the longest. After learning more about your project, we can offer more input about the estimated timeframe.

What Should I Look for in a Roofer for My Roof Replacement?

A quality, well-built roof is essential to ensure your home will remain warm and dry, even during blustery winters or harsh storms. So, as you look for a qualified roofer in Bear, DE, look for those with applicable licenses and certifications, strong warranties, and outstanding customer reviews.

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

The costs associated with a roof replacement can vary dramatically based on factors specific to your project. Aspects like the materials you choose, the complexity of your roof, and the size of your home will affect the total on your final bill. Before we begin your project, we’ll supply a comprehensive estimate to help you budget for it.