The Dangers of a Warped Wooden Roof

Weather and Wooden Roof Damage

Despite being designed to withstand weather, it’s important to remember that roofs are not immune to damage: they are only resistant to it. Inevitably, that resistance may eventually run out. If your roof is made of wood, this could even result in your roof becoming warped, and that comes with a whole list of issues. Glick’s Exteriors is your expert when it comes to roofing care and exterior remodeling.

When there is inconsistent moisture spread across the same piece of wood, wood warping occurs. If a plank of wood gets hit with rain, some parts may dry faster than others, depending on where the water hit. The dry sections of wood would shrink faster, and the overall shape would be twisted – or warped. The exact shape of the warp varies, and the severity depends on the saturation. Warped wood can lead to roof deformities that can leave your home vulnerable to future damage.

The Physical Shape of a Wooden Roof

Because the physical shape of the wood is twisting, it will cause stress on the area. In the event of warped wood on roofs, the shingles can also become twisted and leave gaps. Gaps on roofs lead to areas where precipitation and other dangers can get inside, and overall compromise the integrity of the structure. In the worse case scenario, the wood can be so warped that the shingles can fall off and leave the roof unprotected.

The Frame of a Wooden Roof

Furthermore, the warped wood can also ruin the frame of the roof, making the installation of new shingles very difficult, as they cannot be laid flat and evenly. Warped roofs can also occur from faulty ventilation inside the house, where condensation from the warm air can rise and saturate the wood on the opposite side. Whether it’s from interior ventilation or exterior precipitation, warped roofs can be real trouble.

Glick’s Exteriors, The Authority on Wooden Roof Repairs & Installation

Fortunately, we are the authority on roof repairs and know that a warped roof does not spell out unavoidable disaster. We have experience in fixing roofs with curled or split shingles that are the direct result from warped wood and can tailor a solution specifically for that roof. If only a secluded section has been affected, we can use precision to isolate and cut the warped wood out. If too much of the roof is warped and/or sagging, a replacement roof may need to be considered.

Glick’s Exteriors has been repairing roofs since 1987 due to our expertise in exterior repairs and renovation. If you have any questions regarding our services or wish to request our services, you can contact us here or call us (610) 810-1290.

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