Five Common Roof and Gutter Issues Caused by Winter Weather

The harsh winter weather can cause some serious problems for your roof and gutter system. Today, we look at some common winter roof and gutter issues you may run into when the temperatures and snow begin to fall. The levels of severity can differ, so it is important to note if the problem is an easy fix, or if you should consider roof repair or gutter replacement. Glick’s Exteriors are your local experts on repairing winter weather damage to your roof and gutters.

Winter Attic Condensation

One of the most common roof and gutter problems that can occur is attic condensation in the winter. Improper insulation and ventilation in your attic and roofing can cause condensation to happen which encourages the growth of mold and mildew. The excessive moisture can also cause small leaks, damaging drywall, and other woodwork. You may also notice your electric bill rising because your system is working double-time to account for the condensation. To avoid this issue, ensure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated before the winter weather strikes. 

Ice Buildup and Dams

Another problem to watch out for is ice buildup, which can cause blockages in your gutters, making it difficult for the water to drain. The weight of the ice can also damage gutters, causing them to sag and dismantle completely from your roof. Severe cases of this problem are known as ice dams. When the snow on your roof melts from the heat inside your home, the water runs down into the gutters, where it can freeze a second time causing an ice dam to form. Water then becomes stuck behind the ice dam and can cause leakage. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure your gutters are clear of debris before the snowy weather begins. 


Why do icicles form on your gutters? Icicles form when your home heats up, causing the snow on the roof to melt. Once it begins to melt, the water refreezes and forms icicles. If there are blockages in your gutter system, an overflow of water will occur, meaning your home’s gutters could be holding thousands of pounds of water and ice. The key to discouraging icicles is keeping your gutters cleaned, especially during the winter months. Another reason to get rid of icicles? Falling icicles also pose a threat to people and pets. 

Clogged Downspouts

Clogs in your gutter system can cause serious problems during the winter season. When your gutters are blocked, this prevents snow, ice, and rain from flowing out of the downspouts. When the winter weather precipitation has nowhere to go, it freezes and blocks your entire gutter system. When this happens, water begins to leak behind your gutters, which can cause damages to your roof and foundation. An easy fix to this common problem, all you must do is make sure your gutters are cleared of debris before the snow begins to fall. 

Flashing Leaks 

The most common roof for a residential property is a sloping roof. Unfortunately, this type of roof can experience leaky flashings during some point of its life. Flashing can be found around a chimney or skylight and in the valley of a slope. If not installed correctly, this can cause problems, like roof leaks from the snow during the winter. To ensure you and your home are free from leaks, have your flashing inspected and repaired at least twice a year. If you are unsure about the condition of your home during the snowy, winter weather, contact us today at (610) 365-4511. At Glick’s Exteriors, we are your local experts and happy to assist you with any home exterior issues!

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