Glick’s Exteriors Named in 2022 Qualified Remodeler Top 500 List

We’re happy to announce that Glick’s Exteriors has been placed on Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 list for 2022! We’ve been hard at work for over a decade to produce Quality You Can See. Our place on this year’s list confirms our dedication to this motto. For us, Quality You Can See means protecting the beauty and integrity of your most valuable asset: the home that keeps your family safe and warm.

Award-winning Service for Your American Dream

Wendell Pierce once said that “the heart of the American dream is homeownership.” It takes hard work and perseverance to achieve that dream. But once the keys are handed over and the deed’s in your name, a new stage begins: maintaining and caring for that investment.

Homeownership isn’t just a point of personal pride. It’s the foundation for a legacy of family, togetherness, and financial stability—a home. And that doesn’t just mean the four walls and roof.  We all long for ‘home’ when we’re away. We relax and take a deep breath when we come ‘home.’ We tell stories and laugh together about what happened back ‘home.’

But while ‘home’ isn’t less than the four walls and roof, it certainly requires those things. And that’s part of why we started Glick’s: the exteriors of our homes protect the precious memories and lives on the interior.

Founder Sam Glick says, “Our customers know that for us, it’s not just another job. It’s someone’s home. And we take pains to make sure that every home gets a personal touch with quality you can see.”

We’re proud of our placement in this year’s Qualified Remodeler Top 500 list. But we’re even more proud of the legacy we’re leaving all across the Greater Philadelphia area: safe, dry, beautiful homes where families like yours will share laughter, safety, and fond memories for decades to come.

We’d love to share that legacy with you.

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