Glick’s Exteriors is a fantastic business with very strong Amish roots and principles. We provide residential and commercial roofing renovations and other exterior services. We are a family-minded business and are experts at everything in roofing and exteriors. Glick’s Exteriors are amazing roofers who understand that the reliability of your roof will be protecting your family for years to come. Glick’s Exteriors only installs shingles that are manufactured by the most reputable companies. If you need a local roofing contractor to visit your property, contact our talented team today.

What Type of Local Roofing Services Does Glick’s Exteriors Offer? 

If you’ve been searching for the best roofing contractor near me, Glick’s Exteriors is here to help. We are a great local roofing contractor for all your needs! A roof over 15 years old may need to be inspected to catch any small problems before they become larger problems. Issues like poor drainage, leaking, downspouts problems, and clogged gutters can lead to major water damage inside of your home.

Glick’s Exteriors can visit your home and then conduct a thorough inspection of your roof. What should you, the homeowner, be looking out for? Shingles that are curled, split, loose, or missing. Be sure to look out for exposed or popped nails. Any stain on asphalt shingles or large amounts of debris in rain gutters is a bad sign. Check for sagging either on the center or the ridges of your roof and broken or loose shingles at the ridgelines and the hip lines.

Helping to maintain the quality and longevity of your roof is important to Glick’s Exteriors. We work hard throughout Montgomery County to maintain your roof and to make sure there are not any leaks in your home. Glick’s Exteriors emergency roof leak assistance will get someone out to your home promptly to fix the roof issue you might be experiencing.

Glick’s Exteriors Renovations Services

Glick’s Exterior’s renovation services include window and doors, siding, decks, and stucco remediation. We have a fantastic selection of siding and decks. At Glick’s, we work with a plethora of materials, like vinyl, stucco, fiber, cement, metal cladding, and more. Our siding team will take you through the entire process with a sense of ease and efficiency. We start with a free estimate on the project and then our specialist will help you pick the best choice of siding to suit your needs. Then, our team will install your siding, keeping costs at a minimum and maximum durability in mind. 

Our deck services include deck design, deck framing, deck construction, deck repairs, and deck replacement. Glick’s Exteriors can help you figure out what deck materials will best work for you. We recognize that when a deck needs repairs it can be because of an aesthetic problem or a safety issue. 

We can also help with window and door services. It’s crucial to invest in high-quality and energy-efficient windows and doors. No matter the door, our team can repair and replace it. Glick’s Exteriors can handle all your renovations needs!