How a Roof Can Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

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When you are looking at how to add curb appeal or value to your home, addressing your roof situation can be a great place to start. When your roof gets to about 15 years old, it is about time to start focusing on the small problems before they become more serious. This is where a roof repair from Glick’s Exteriors comes into play. A dirty or damaged roof can be detrimental to the value of a home, decreasing your home’s curb appeal (how nice a home looks to a bystander when they drive by a home) which then decreases a home’s value. Below is some key factors to consider for your roof in regards to increasing curb appeal for your home: 

Choosing Colors with Care 

The color you choose for your roof should not be taken lightly! Color is one of the most eye-catching characteristics of your home that you will want to take time to contemplate for your own property. When considering a color for your roof, you want to make sure that the color of the roof matches or compliments the color of the rest of the home. From the siding to the shutters, you want the roof color to compliment the colors you have chosen for your home already so everything flows together like one great masterpiece of a property! 

Knowing When to Replace or Repair Your Roof

One way to boost curb appeal is to closely inspect your current roof and see if there are any flaws that may decrease the value of your property. If you find your roof has: 

  • Damaged or missing shingles. 
  • Curling or blistering shingles.
  • Missing shingles altogether.

Then this could mean trouble for your roof in regards to your home’s quality and structural integrity. 

An important question to ask when trying to improve your home is; what improvements add the most value to your home? Replacing or repairing a damaged roof can be one of the most impactful improvements to the value of your home. There are a number of signs that your roof may need attention. Loose or missing shingles or tiles, sagging either on the ridges or in the center of the roof, and rusty or corroded metal and loose shingles in the valleys, plumbing vents or near chimneys are just a few signs that a roof has seen better days. If you need assistance in determining whether or not your roof could be replaced or repaired, simply contact one of our professional roofing contractors today.

Material Matters

While a new or first-time home buyer may not have a strong preference for the material used on their roof, a more experienced home buyer is more likely to know exactly what they want in a roof. It is something you can use to set your home apart if you are ever looking to sell. When a Glick’s team member is developing a plan of action for your home. We ask ourselves, “how do we add curb appeal to what is already there?” and we consider what improvements will add the most value to your home. We are looking to get you the most bang for your buck! 

Being aware of the color, condition, and material of your roof is of utmost importance when it comes to curb appeal. We recommend consulting with the team at Glick’s Exteriors prior to making any decisions on your roof for maximum results! Our experienced roofing professionals are ready and able to assist you in getting the roof you are looking for so please contact us today. 

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