How Do I Keep Ice Build-up Off of My Roof?

There’s only one thing that hates winter weather more than humans do, and that thing is your roof. When you combine snow, freezing temperatures, and heat loss from a house, something called an ice dam will slowly begin to form on your roof and wreak havoc. An ice dam is a thick band of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining properly. If this water is not drained from your roof, it can enter your home and cause costly damage. If you’re looking to avoid ice dams this winter, keep reading for our expert tips on how to keep ice build-up off of your roof.

Rake the Snow Off of Your Roof

When it comes to ice dam roof prevention tactics, removing ice before it has the chance to cause damage is key. One way you can accomplish this is with an ice dam roof tool known as a roof rake. Roof rakes are flat shovels that are attached to long poles, oftentimes with an extension. This innovative tool enables you to remove snow from your roof while safely standing on the ground. Roof rakes work best when removing soft snow from one-story homes, as two-story homes can be a bit more difficult to reach. Not only will roof rakes help you in preventing ice dams but they are also generally recommended as a winter roofing tip for a healthy roof.

Work on Your Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Because ice dams form as a result of uneven heating throughout the roof, preventing them from inside your home can work as well. The place inside your home that you will want to focus on is your attic. Work on improving the insulation in your attic by closing up air leaks and adjusting poorly installed insulation. Improving the ventilation in your attic will also help prevent repeated ice dams. To keep your attic cool, you will need to install ventilation systems with the help of professionals. By improving these two things, you can build an effective ice and water shield for roofs

Insert Heat Cables Around Your Edges

Another expert winter roofing tip we suggest when looking to prevent ice dams is installing heat cables. To fix the issue of uneven temperatures on the edges of your roof, install heat cables in those areas. This will melt the snow before it has a chance to settle, freeze, and form a pesky ice dam. The best part? This ice and water shield roof product can be installed yourself!

Enlist the Help of Glick’s Exteriors

There are so many issues that winter weather can cause for your roof. Whether you’re dealing with an ice dam or missing shingles, Glick’s Exteriors is your winter roofing contractor that is here to help with whatever issue you may have. For many years, our team has been providing the area with expert roofing solutions and repairs throughout every season. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services!

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