How New Windows Are an Affordable Solution to a Warmer Home

window installationWinter is on its way, and many of us are already experiencing a rise in energy prices and a decrease in the temperature inside our homes. If you’re noticing that you’re having to wear an extra layer of clothing or use another blanket at night, then your windows could be to blame. For those who live in a home with older windows, cold drafts and an overall decrease in temperature could be commonplace due to their outdated design and weathering materials. However, there is a solution to this issue. If you are wondering how to make your home warmer in the winter, then allow us to tell you about the many benefits of installing new windows.

How to Lower Heating Costs and Eliminate Drafts

Oftentimes, older windows create a draft in your home due to issues with their weatherstripping and seals. These drafts are one of the main causes of heat and energy loss in your home. When cold air is continuously entering, it makes it more difficult to heat your home and keep it at a comfortable temperature. If you ever find yourself wondering how to lower heating costs after seeing the expensive price of your monthly energy bill, then new windows are your solution. The cost of installing new windows will offset the price of the expensive energy bills you are currently paying and will keep your heating system from working overtime this winter.

New Windows Bring an Extra Layer of Protection

In many older windows, you will find only a singular layer of glass. This provides little protection against the extreme temperatures that the winter brings. Thankfully, homes built in the 1970s were equipped with newer windows that included double-pane glass. These days, some homes even have windows with triple-pane glass! If your old windows are causing your energy bills to rise and your temperatures to fall, then installing new windows can provide you with that extra layer of protection from the cold weather outside. 

New Windows are Powerful Insulators

Thanks to new window technology, some of the newest types of windows are almost as effective as a wall at keeping the heat from coming inside. This is due to their insulation powers. When purchasing new windows for your home, look for windows that have a low U-value, as they are the ones that will provide you with the insulation. 

New Windows Save You Money on Repairs

Unfortunately, putting up with the discomfort of living with old and drafty windows and simply having a few repairs performed will only waste money in the long run. Eventually, you will have to replace your windows with new ones and these temporary fixes will prove unnecessary. 

How to Make Your Home Warmer in the Winter with Glick’s Exteriors

Overall, the benefits of installing new windows outweigh both the costs and discomfort of living in a home with older windows. If you’re ready to take the step towards a warmer home, you may be wondering “who can provide the best window replacement services near me?” Glick’s Exteriors is your number one choice for high-quality window installation and unmatched service. For many years, we have been making homes in the Greater Philadelphia area warmer and more comfortable to live in with new and improved windows. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on your new windows to prepare you for the cold winter ahead.

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