How To Prevent Ice Build Up on Windows Before It Causes Severe Damage

As we officially enter the winter season, our residential and commercial properties will be subjected to all types of harsh weather conditions that this time of year brings. From heavy snowfall to freezing rain, it’s important to ensure that your home or commercial building is well maintained and prepared to withstand what’s in store for us this winter. While homeowners tend to focus on their roofs being damage-free and their gutters clear of any blockages, it’s crucial to check on the status of your windows as well.

Ice build-up on windows can actually cause a bunch of issues down the line if left untreated and can jeopardize the structural integrity of your property. Similar to how important it is that our gutters prevent pools of melted snow from seeping into our homes, preventing melted ice from sitting on our wooden window frames can save you and your property from a string of costly problems. If you’re wondering how to prevent ice on windows and bypass ice damage to windows, keep reading!

Cutting Back on Moisture

Ice damage to windows occurs because as the temperatures drop outside, moisture becomes entrapped inside your home and accumulates at the window pane. Whether you have been noticing ice buildup on your windows recently or have had this situation happen during previous winter months, acting fast and doing what you can to prevent moisture buildup can help save your property’s structure. To stop excessive moisture, be sure to :

  • Inspect all gas appliances for any damages to cut back on water vapor.
  • Mop up any excess condensation on your window sills with a towel.
  • Have any plumbing leaks repaired. 
  • Increase your home’s temperature at night to negate ice buildup. 

By actively combatting moisture from hanging around your windows, you will be able to stop property damage from progressing.

Put an End to Air Leakage

Some windows may be worn with age which can cause cold air to enter our homes more easily and increases the chance of ice damage. If this issue continues, long-term damage such as warping, cracked glass, and mold growth can occur. In addition, you may find an increase in your energy bill due to the excess air penetrating into your home. Consider having your windows repaired or replaced entirely so you can seal away cold air from entering your home and prevent ice buildup altogether. By making the decision to completely replace your windows, your property stands a better chance against all of winter’s weather conditions.
Winter is here and it is now the time to take action against ice buildup on your property’s windows! With Glick’s Exteriors, our affordable window repair & replacement services will guarantee your residential or commercial property is well protected this season. If you want to learn more about how to prevent ice on windows or need professional assistance, get in contact with us today!

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