Most Common Winter Roof Damage To Be Aware Of

most common winter roof damage

It’s that time of year again— winter! As we begin to experience the shift from mild weather to a drastic drop in temperature, our properties experience this change of weather as well, becoming most vulnerable during this time of year especially. Over the winter months, it’s critical to be wary of the different problems that this season brings upon our homes and commercial buildings. The roofs over our heads end up facing wintery weather the most and can become severely damaged as a result of it. While we can’t stop the weather, we can stop it from further damaging our roofs by being aware of the most common winter roof damages to expect:

Icicle Irritation 

Although the icicles that hang from our roofs may look quite beautiful during the winter, icicles can negatively affect gutter systems and roof shingles. Not to mention, falling icicles from trees hanging over top of your roof can land directly on the roof’s surface, inflicting it with holes or cracks. If you notice any icicles hanging off of your roof, be sure to have the insulation around that area examined for any air leaks. While it can be recommended to remove any icicles to avoid these damages from taking place, we highly recommend calling on a roofing professional for any task that involves working off the ground at elevated heights. 

Heavy Snow Situation

Don’t be fooled— snow can actually do some decent damage to roofs! Depending on where your property is located, if your area is no stranger to heavy snowfall, you will want to pay extra close attention to snow accumulation on your roof. When mixed with ice, seemingly soft, light snow can quickly weigh down on our roofs and create damage to shingles that are either worn or have previous damages that have yet to be addressed. If you notice cracks or leakage inside your home, you will want to contact a top-rated roof repair contractor to better prepare your roof for the snow! 

Melted Snow Mayhem 

Dealing with roof leaks in winter is no fun whatsoever! As if the weight of heavy snow on our roofs was not enough, melted snow can pool on a roof’s surface and find its way through any current cracks or holes, seeping into our homes. Water buildup in a property’s interior can create larger problems down the road if left untreated, such as mold growth, that can put you and your family’s health at risk. Scheduling regular home inspections with your go-to roofing company will pinpoint any cracks or holes to weather any storm that comes our way. 

Don’t let any amount of winter weather keep you from enjoying everything this season has to offer! Glick’s Exteriors is the roofer to call to put an end to roof problems and roof leaks in the winter. If you notice any of these problems are taking place this month on your roof, contact us immediately! 

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