Out With The Old: See How a New Front Door Can Transform The Entire Look of Your House



how a new door can transform your home

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The idea of making the interior of your home reflect your personal taste seems very attainable. It’s fairly easy to add a coat of paint here and there or add a pop of color with some fancy throw pillows. However, when it comes to updating the exterior of your home – now that just feels like a daunting task. In order to help the exterior of your home look like you, you have to call in contractors for quotes, wait for the right time of year to start the project, and shell out so much of your hard-earned money, right? Wrong! There is actually a very simple step you can take to updating your home’s exterior and make it your own. The best part is that it is inexpensive and can be done within a weekend. If you are thinking we’re hinting at a front door remodel, you’re right. Just take a look at the front door ideas we have that will completely update your home’s look.

Add a Bold Pop of Color


It sounds simple enough, but painting your door a bold color such as yellow, red, or blue can make the world of difference in improving your front door’s curb appeal. The best part is this is something that can be done in two days at most. Adding a pop of color can turn your home into the house with the bodacious blue door or the rad red door! Make your home hard to miss.

Let Nature be Your Door’s Accent


We love adding flowers when spring comes to update the look of our homes, but there are plants you can use to up the ante year-round. Plants such are shrubs and bushes are extremely underrated, especially in areas where there might not be a lot of space for greenery. Simply buy a couple of large planters that match your style, add a small shrub or bush of your choosing, and set them on either side of your door. Some of these plants will even bloom with beautiful flowers in the spring!

Use Light Features to Add Pizzazz 


There are so many affordable light fixtures that can make your door space look like you spent a ton of money updating it. You can even get creative with fixtures made out of wood or metallics to match the aesthetic you are going for. This paired with a fresh paint of coat (especially a darker color) can make a dramatic difference.

Set Up Seating and Outdoor Furniture 


Adding a couple of cute places to sit around your front door can make the entire front of the house look larger and more welcoming. A great tip is to go to your local thrift shop or flea market to find some discarded treasures. Take them home and you completely rehab them with a couple of coats of whatever color all-weather spray paint you feel speaks to your style.

Get Creative with Your Local Door Contractor


If you’re really trying to go big with your updates, get in touch with our door contractor to talk about some slightly bigger, yet still completely affordable projects that will change the look of your home’s exterior. Examples of this are replacing your existing door with a more modern one, or even building out molding to make that space look and feel more elaborate. The possibilities are endless!


These are just a few steps you can take to add some curb appeal to the front of your home and make it your own. We hope you enjoyed our front door ideas, but if you’re looking for more, feel free to contact our local door contractors to get a free consultation!


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