When it Rains, it Pours: How to Prevent Heavy Rain Roof Damage

Hello Spring! It’s the season of steering clear of clogged gutters and replacing any missing shingles in preparation for the infamous spring showers. While we can’t control the forecast, we can control how well our home’s roof is armed to weather any storm that arises. Leave it to the professionals at Glick’s Exterior to shed some light on how to best protect your home from heavy rain this spring with our professional roofing services.

No matter the time of year, dealing with a damaged roof is the last thing anyone wants to worry about. It’s important to stay on top of your roof’s condition to avoid bigger problems from taking place. Roof storm damage usually comes quick and without warning, so arming your home with a top-notch roof can save you from spending a lot of money on roof leak repairs down the line.

Even if your roof is free of any clogged gutters or broken shingles, leaky roofs can still take place. Other elements such as wind, snow, and even termites can be the culprit of making you shell out money on roof repairs. Most times, these repairs only serve as a temporary fix and the problem can arise again. If any of these factors have negatively impacted your home’s roof or you want to avoid it taking place in the first place, we recommend upgrading to a waterproof roof to be the sturdy, long-term solution against roof leak repairs once and for all!

Investing in a roof replacement for your home will bypass the stress of being too late to protect your roof during a downpour— guaranteed! With a variety of designs that are energy efficient and shield your home from extensive weather damage, choosing a waterproof roof will keep your home safe, whatever the weather.

Say goodbye to roof storm damage and hello to a stylish, upgraded roof this season. From spring to fall, your water-repellent roof is ready to handle any amount of rain that comes your way. Contact us today to enjoy all the weather spring offers— worry-free!

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