Glick’s Exteriors is a leading exterior services company serving the Upper Darby, PA, area. We come from generations of Amish roofers, and we’re proud to work with our values, revolving around hard work and commitment to family. With this in mind, you can trust us to complete any job without hesitation.

We’re proud to showcase our exceptional quality and services, which sets us apart from other companies. Furthermore, we have competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of our job. Our expert professionals are ready to take on any project, big or small.

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Available Exterior Services in Upper Darby, PA

We have different exterior services that can protect and support your investment.

These services are as follows:

Choose from any available services above, and we can find the solution. Inspection is necessary to ensure we answer your exterior problems best. With our experiences, workmanship, and knowledge, we will give you the best solutions to restore your property.

Top-Tier Roofing Services

Our primary service is roofing, not just any roofing repair or replacement. We use top-notch roofing systems, such as metal roofs and asphalt shingles, for durability, long-lasting performance, and protection against outside elements.

Once we complete the inspection, our team will let you know if your roof is in good shape, requires repairs, or needs replacement. No matter the outcome, our team will ensure safety is not compromised and your property is in excellent condition while working on beautiful results.

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Siding Services in Upper Darby, PA

We also specialize in siding repair, replacement, and installation. Your structure’s siding is an integral part of the exterior. It protects from harsh elements, so you must always ensure its condition.

Signs that your siding requires repair or replacement:

  • Water stains
  • Discoloration
  • Cracks
  • Bubbling
  • Holes
  • Rotting or peeling

We also offer different types of sidings to meet your preferences and requirements. However, you must always consider the weather conditions in your area when selecting a suitable siding material.

Some siding materials available at Glick’s Exteriors:

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Imitation Stone/Brick
  • Insulated
  • Glass Exterior
  • Vinyl
  • Wood and Board and Batten

Windows & Doors Services in Upper Darby, PA

Two of the most significant investments you must not cheap out on are your home’s windows and doors. These are important since they protect you and the people inside a structure from outside elements. Plus, these can offer many benefits, such as energy efficiency. So you can save on your monthly utility bills.

With our reliable window and door repair, replacement, and installation, you can enjoy its various benefits. Our team is experienced in dealing with different window and door types, so we can do any job you require.

Stucco Remediation & Renovation

We’re the #1 stucco remediation and renovation professionals who can do a stucco test to determine the severity of your stucco’s problem. Poor installation can lead to bigger problems, so you should consult us for your stucco needs.

We can inspect the current condition of the stucco and offer solutions to restore it to its former glory. We can convert it into siding for a low-maintenance solution or repair your stucco without compromising its structural integrity.

Our representative will walk you through the entire process. After that, we can offer to convert or replace it while ensuring it goes smoothly and without problems.

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Begin Your Exterior Beautification Process Today

Choose Glick’s Exterior if you want to improve your home or commercial property’s exterior. We use cutting-edge equipment without compromising on quality. And by using the right materials, you can enjoy many years of protection and performance without burning a hole in your pocket.

Contact us today if you have any questions. Our customer service will ensure all your concerns are taken care of. Begin your exterior beautification process today and get the results that you deserve!