Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Here’s How to Choose a New Roof That’s Perfect For You

Whether you’re replacing your roof because it’s old and outdated or because you want to upgrade its look, deciding on the perfect roof for you and your home can (sometimes) be harder than finding the perfect life partner. Between choosing the color, materials, warranties and more, the roofing experts at Glick’s Exteriors are here to be your roofing guru’s, so choosing your new roof easy—and to ensure that seeing your roof for the first time is love at first sight!

Choosing the Correct Color is Crucial

Choosing a roof color can be like choosing a significant other—difficult, overwhelming and hard to commit to. The best place to start? Determine what your home’s style is. A shingle color that looks amazing on a tudor-style home won’t necessarily look amazing on a more modern home. Another factor you’ll want to consider is the other colors in your home’s exterior, such as any masonry or siding you may have. Unless you’re planning on changing these features, too, you’re going to want the color of your roof to be cohesive with the other elements of your home. Still struggling to narrow down your color choices? Take the time to drive around your neighborhood and take note of roof colors you like and don’t like.

Make Up Your Mind About Materials—They Matter!

The material you choose for your roof can make or break your love for it. The following is a list of common roofing materials:

  • Asphalt shingle
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Cement
  • Tile
  • Slate

Just as you did with choosing your roof’s color, before you choose your roofing material, take your home’s style into consideration. Ranch, colonial and contemporary homes all call for a different type of roofing material—you would never put a slate roof on contemporary home, and you won’t see many colonial homes with a cement or tile roof—and there’s a reason for that!

Wondering About Warranties is Warranted

When it comes to your roof, there are two types of warranties you’re going to want to consider: one from your roofing contractor and one from the manufacturer. Because a warranty is so important for your roof and your home, this is something you’re going to want to consider before you ever even choose your contractor. When choosing a contractor, ask them what their roofing warranties are and confirm that they only use certified materials from reputable manufacturers. If you’re stuck deciding between two roofing options, their warranties could help sway you.

Factors to Consider Before You Commit 

While the style of your home and your own personal style preferences clearly play a role in choosing the perfect roof for your home, there are other factors to consider before committing to your new roof. For instance, if you live in the Northeast, you’re going to want a roof that can withstand the snow and ice of winter; if you live in the west pacific area, you need to take excessive heat and wildfires into consideration; if you live in the south, it’s important to pick a roofing material that won’t be affected by algae.

Ready to have your new roof installed? At Glick’s Exteriors, we want you to love your roof—that’s why we only use the best certified materials, provide quality service and offer outstanding warranties. Contact us today!

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