The Coolest Roofs Around: 2 Important Reasons Why White Roofs Are the Most Efficient

The Coolest Roofs Around: 2 Important Reasons Why White Roofs Are the Most EfficientNothing is quite as exhilarating than opening up the curtains to be greeted by a burst of summer sunshine. We say goodbye to blasting our heating systems and embrace the cool breeze this season brings. However, when the summer days become a little too warm for comfort, the air conditioning bill tends to be on rise. What if there was a surefire way that you could save money on your AC bill and give back to the environment at the same time? The roofing masters at Glick’s Exteriors are sharing all the benefits a white roof can provide your home or business. 

A Cooler Roof Means A Cooler Home

When we talk about a cooler roof, we’re talking more than just aesthetics. A cool roof is all about reducing the temperature of your home in a natural way. White is the best roof color to reflect heat since the color projects sunlight back into the atmosphere rather than lingering on top of your home. Not only are you better protecting your home’s roof with a white roof, but the benefits of a white roof can positively impact the temperatures in areas that normally don’t receive AC such as garages and covered patios. 

More Money in Your Pocket

When you acquire a white roof for your home, you’ll find that there won’t be consecutive days where you need the AC blasting to keep your home’s internal temperature comfortable. Due to white roofs being the best roof color to reflect heat, installing a white roof for your home saves ample money by keeping your home relatively cooler naturally. White roofs are truly the most energy efficient roof color you can have, whether the temperature outside is blistering hot or a bit too warm for complete comfort. Not to mention, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone by saving the environment by using less energy! 

Whether you are aiming to make a cost-efficient roof purchase or find that your home is subjected to warmer temperatures during the summer, white roofs are proven to be the most energy efficient roof color you can have! We highly recommend having our Conklin Roofing Systems installed for your roof to better enjoy the summer season for many years to come. Contact us today to learn more about having the coolest roof on the block.

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