This Is No Trick: Glick’s is Treating Its Customers to a New Referral Program

October may be filled with creepy-crawly decorations, watching scary movies and getting dressed up, but Glick’s is here to cut through the tricks and deliver a treat by announcing its NEW referral program! Here’s how their new referral program works, as well as how it will benefit you, your friends and your familyGlick's New Referral Program.

You’ve Experienced the Glick’s Difference—Now It’s Time to Spread the Love

Whether you brought in the Glick’s team for a siding installation, roof repair, roof replacement, stucco remediation, or window upgrade or door upgrade, you understand what makes Glick’s stand out from other home roofing companies. Between the expert craftsmen, high-quality products, exceptional warranties and Amish principles, Glick’s delivers quality work that you can trust. Because one of the principles Glick’s is founded on is thankfulness, Glick’s wanted to show how thankful they are when their clients refer their company—and thus, the referral program was born!

How It Works (It’s So Easy, You’ll Be Saying ‘Boo Yeah!’ in No Time)

Rather than just benefitting from one type of referral, this referral program benefits TWO types of referrals! To give you the bare-bones of what they are—so you can get in on the action—here’s a quick breakdown:

Refer a friend who then schedules an estimate: With this referral, all you need to do is refer a friend; all your referral needs to do is schedule an estimate with us. Once they’ve done that, Glick’s Exteriors will send YOU a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Refer a friend who then gets a job done by Glick’s: With this referral, you just need to refer a friend, and if that friend has a job completed by Glick’s, you’ll receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

This referral program is so easy, it’ll be the easiest thing you’ve done since you chose Glick’s to be your go-to roofing and exteriors company!

Benefits That Are Sweeter Than the Sweetest of Treats

As if getting a $25 Amazon Gift Card or $100 Amazon Gift Card (depending on what your referral ends up getting done) wasn’t enough of an incentive, there’s also the added bonus that you’ll be putting your referral in the trusting, talented hands of the Glick’s Exteriors team! Sure, you’re getting the gift card, but your referral is getting high-quality roofing or exteriors work, making this program a win-win.

If you’re a previous Glick’s Exteriors client, what are you waiting for?! Click here today to refer a friend, and reap the benefits of this new referral program!

Have questions about the program, or need to set up another appointment with the Glick’s team? Contact us today!

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