Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Here Are 6 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Winter

How To Prepare Your Roof For The Winter
The winter season is just around the corner, and just like you prepare your home’s heating system, stock up on rock salt and unpack your winter coats, getting your roof ready for winter is just as important! The roofing experts at Glick’s Exteriors are here with six ways you can prepare your roof for winter, so it can still look magical when the warmer season rolls back around.

Give Roof Debris the (Winter) Boot

Removing any debris from your roof before a winter storm hits is crucial for protecting it from rotting or leaking. Debris that you should clear off includes leaves, pine cones, pine needles and tree twigs—and don’t forget to remove this debris from your gutters, too!

Make It a Winter Wonderland By Repairing Flashing

When flashing is damaged, it opens you and your home up to something that’s not so wonderful—interior leaks. Whether your flashing was originally installed correctly or not, now is the time to bring in an expert roofing craftsman who will properly repair any damaged flashing.

Avoid a Chilling Situation—Check Your Attic’s Ventilation

Your attic’s ventilation can really impact the way your roof performs. In fact, if it’s not well ventilated, it will make your roof prone to the ice, snow and wind of winter, increasing the chances of ice dams forming. To see if it is properly ventilated, go inside of your attic and look for routes that allow for ventilation.

Melt Away Worries By Addressing Wind Damage Issues

The snow and ice that Jack Frost sends our way may do serious harm to your roof, but so can the brutal winds of winter, which is why it’s so important to make checking for wind damage a part of your roof’s winter maintenance. When wind has damaged your roof, it can be seen in its roofing materials—they’ll either be broken, damaged or missing. When hiring a roofer to repair your roof’s wind damage, opt for a company who uses quality roofing materials from CertainTeed™ or GAF™.

Don’t Let Snow or Ice Chill On the Roof For Long

Just like most seasons in the northeast United States, winter is unpredictable—sometimes areas get buried in snow and ice, other times it’s just dustings. However, if you do get hit by enough snow or ice for it to accumulate in your roof, be sure to have it removed ASAP—this will help prevent dangerous ice dams from forming.

Brrrr-ing In a Professional to Inspect It

Getting your roof prepared for winter is no small task, and to make this time of year easier for you, it’s best to rely on a roofing professional. Not only will a professional be able to provide you with a quality inspection, but they will also be able to provide you with any roof repairs you may need.

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